Real Estate

Unencumbered by the demands and conflicts of a traditional investment banking model, we have the time and experience to collect, analyse and interpret large amounts of quality data pertaining to the UK real estate market and the key players within it. Importantly, we engage with our subscribers, debating our findings in detail and undertaking sensitivities and further analysis where applicable to help them make the best informed decision possible for their businesses.

Energy & Infrastructure

Energy and its associated infrastructure is undergoing a period of unprecedented change, both in magnitude and speed, predominantly driven by technology and environmental policy.  Our extensive database (we track hundreds of data sets) provides us with the facts to analyse the impact of the energy transition on corporates, governments and consumers.  We believe that investors need to understand the impact on all stakeholders, from this period of change, to make optimal investment decisions.

We seek to inform, to be interesting and to improve our clients' understanding of issues central to their own specific business decisions. We identify key trends and we seek to lead the debate not merely react to the news.


Lazarus provides regular research in the General Financials sector, specialising in asset managers and mortgage lenders, alongside bespoke research in the UK banks and insurance sectors.  The research product provides regular data provision for the speciality finance buy-to-let market and the asset management industry.  The research ties in the companies and their balance sheets in the context of its relationship with, and developments in, the UK macroeconomic environment.

Economics & Strategy

Our Economics and Strategy team base their research on rigorous and systematic analysis of a wide range of economic and financial indicators, relating to developments both in the UK and elsewhere. Our products are designed to be accessible, relevant and fact based.

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